Five star restaurant quality delivered to your door

Now you can easily prepare 5 star restaurant quality meals at home at a fraction of the price, with TK Gourmet Home Delivery.

Have you ever been to a 5 star restaurant, and asked yourself why can't I make this at home? Well now you can!

At TK Gourmet, we specialize in delivering 5 star quality food for the Home Chef.

How do we do it?

Over the years, we have developed special relationships with the same distributors used by high end restaurants and professional chefs. We then pack these products in smaller quantities and deliver them to your door. The result, your family can now enjoy 5 star restaurant quality in the comfort of your own home, for a whole lot less.

A little bit about TK (Tony King):
As owner and founder of the company, I began my entree into specialized and gourmet food delivery service in 2001. Since then, I have sought out the best producers of all natural beef, free range chicken, sashimi grade seafood, and unique specialty items available on the market. Our extensive product offering is of the same quality and standards as many of the top restaurants and gourmet food stores throughout the area.

Offering personal delivery to your home or business, or direct shipping to your chosen location, TKgourmet specializes in bringing you the world's finest food. From saku tuna to Wagyu (Kobe) prime beef to handmade lobster and crab cakes, our products dazzle even the best culinary tastes.

We cater to your every need and encourage you to customize your order, from your everyday family dinners to those special holiday gatherings to that large social occasion. We strive for the total satisfaction of you and your guests. TKgourmet provides a full range of products in specialized portion controlled packaging, in quantities customized for most families, all competitively priced, from hors d'oeuvres of individual lobster bites to entrees of your favorite restaurant offerings like our handmade Beef Wellington to our custom desserts like Key Lime pie and New York Blackout Chocolate cakes.

I am proud of our legendary reputation as a leading purveyor of home delivery for the ultimate in gourmet products.
I assure you that all delicacies will be to your complete satisfaction.

Bon Appetite,

Tony King
Owner and Founder