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Bison Burgers - All Natural - 100% Bison
Bison Burger All Natural

Grain Finished!
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All natural, ranch raised, North Dakota bison. Similar to natural beef, our bison is typically sweeter and more tender. Bison is naturally leaner than other proteins. It has less fat and calories than a comparable portion of beef, pork, salmon or even skinless chicken. Bison meat has more protein and iron than beef. Bison also contains Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthier nutritional lifestyle.

What sets our bison steaks apart from the rest? Our bison steaks are pasture raised for the majority of their lives, and finished on a grain ration. This results in meat that is consistently tender, with a more mellow taste than grass fed bison, and is similar to prime beef. The grain ration is 100% vegetarian and contains no animal by products.

All Natural - North American Bison Cooperative defines "natural" as animals raised under a Never-Ever Growth Hormone and No Antibiotic program. Additionally, all our bison animals are raised on a vegetarian diet that is free of animal by-products and hormones, allowing them to mature naturally.

Ranchers - All of our producers adhere to the animal well-being specifications set forth by our cooperative. Animal care that is compassionate, as well as in an environment that is well suited for bison animals, and is a requirement for TenderBison producers. Our farmers and ranchers have strong care ethics for not only the animals, but for the land, plants and people they work with. Bison are harder to mange when attempting to herd them, but otherwise easier than cattle, because they need less handling. There is no need to pull calves (bison raise themselves naturally without human influence); no branding; no castration (which would result in more fat).

If you would like more information on our line of bison products, please visit www.NDnatural.com

  • Individual size: 5oz - Pack size: 3 - 5oz burgers. Vacuum packed and quick frozen. Shelf Life: 6 months. Easily quick thaws in package in cold water or overnight in refrigerator.

Cooking Directions
  • VERY IMPORTANT - bison cooks quicker than beef, so remember to reduce cooking time.

    Cooking Directions:

    For bison burgers, consider cooking 2-3 minutes less than beef. It will
  • have the best flavor and texture if it is cooked rare or medium-rare
  • (cooked to the point where the pink is just disappearing). And no matter
  • how tempting it might be – don’t press down on the burgers with the
  • spatula while cooking! If you are browning bison for other recipes
  • (tacos, sloppy joes, casseroles, etc.), there is no need to drain as
  • there will rarely be any grease.

    Ingredients: 100% Bison (Buffalo)

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